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NYC Addiction Specialist’s Approach to Treatment

For executives in the financial world, the pressure of complex work environments that demand consistent high performance combined with constant exposure to high-stakes transactions is frequently an environment that stimulates addictive behavior. Dr. David Salvage, MD, an addiction specialist and psychoanalyst in NCY and Brooklyn treats financial industry patients suffering from addition with discretion, compassion and a specialized approach tailored to the industry.

As America’s most neglected disease, addiction effects “40 million Americans age 12 and over” according to Columbia University. This includes nicotine, alcohol or other drugs. This is more Americans than those with heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Additionally, 80 million people in the U.S. are considered “risky substance abusers,” which means they use substances “in ways that threaten public health and safety.” It is estimated that the government pays $468 billion annually in response to these addicts, even before corporate or private insurance pays anything.

Joseph Califano, founder of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse claims that economic trouble lead people to drink and use drugs more frequently. This economic stress can be magnified for employees of the financial industry. Often, financial institutions have not gone far enough to support the addiction struggles of their employees.

“There’s still tremendous stigma and shame,” Califano said. “This is not a moral failing, it’s a disease.”

While addiction is a democratic illness, affecting all segments of society, from the homeless to high net-worth CEOs, those who work in the financial sector are at a greater risk because of the extreme pressure the industry demands. Additionally, there is an unfair stigma that follows financial professionals affected by addiction. Because of this, Dr. David Salvage recognizes that extra support is needed in that specific industry. He has worked with individuals and human resource officers for over 20 years to provide support to those in the financial industry in need of addiction treatment.

By creating an environment and support system where professionals can seek help that they need while maintaining their commitment to their careers is an essential first step. Discretion is also a key element to treatment so the negative stigmas associated with addiction can be avoided at the office or place of employment.

Addiction specialist Dr. Salvage works from his NYC offices to create personalized and specific treatment plans for his patients, and the companies they serve.

David Salvage, MD, FAPM

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