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Tracy Balzano



Tracy began her journey to yoga and wellness practices through a yoga class offered during her years at Hunter College High School in lieu of traditional physical education classes. Her father had spent time in India, and she was curious about some of what he had experienced. Moving through the practice she was taken aback by its contradictory nature to the gym classes she had previously experienced. It was comfortable yet rigorous and lacked all of the competitive aspects of sports. This foray was the gateway to learning experienced she could not have imagined at the time.

Her professional life has brought her through the worlds of fashion and corporate training, but she always been intrigued and committed to helping people develop their innate capacities for growth and healing. She has an ongoing excitement surrounding mind body relationships, and how yoga and related therapies play a role in personal transformation. After studying with Heidi Fokine, a yoga teacher practicing on Long Island's East End, Tracy was inspired to become a yoga instructor herself. When she learned that her long-time teacher was able to certify instructors, Tracy rose to the occasion. Embarking on the path to yoga instructor with her teacher was an opportunity Tracy met with enthusiasm, embracing the myriad aspects of the practice. She continues to learn from highly respected practitioners and has used this training as a foray into integrative healing practices.

Tracy earned her 200 hour certification studying with Heidi Fokine, Paula DiDonato and Padma Borrego at The Giving Room in Southold, New York where she also served as a mentor for subsequent teacher trainings gaining experience in a wide variety of approaches. Since then, she has earned additional certification hours studying with Rodney Yee, is certified in the Trauma Informed Yoga Method and holds added certification in the practice of Yoga Nidra, a highly adaptable method of deep relaxation shown to have positive impacts on practitioners including those suffering from depression and PTSD. As the founder of Primula Cerebri, an active wellness business based in Brooklyn, NY, she is committed to tailoring her approach to each individual's specific needs. Tracy sees each class as an opportunity to learn something new and looks forward to continuing her yoga education as an instructor and a student.

Tracy holds a BA in music and theater arts from Sarah Lawrence College.

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