In the past two years many of my patiens have been very curious about the FDA approval of some novel antidepressants, Fetzima, Trintellix, and Viibryd — all of which have similar mechanisms of action to existing antidepressant. So in considering their novelty – there isn’t anything significantly new or different about what these medications are doing. What is different – is that they present new possibilities for patients who have found it hard to tolerate earlier medications. It’s not that they’re better — it’s more that they represent more options that can work with a wider range of genetic subtypes. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Trinellix and Viibryd) and combined selective serotonin reuptake inhibitos (Fetzima) all have similar mechanisms of action — but have very different structures. Because of the different structures – they can interact quite differently with the overall functioning of the body. So there is a wider range of possiblity here to expereince signifcantly fewer side effects — particularly weight gain or sexual dysfunction — and so they might be worth a try. It’s like adding a slight change of color to a flower. It might not be noticeable to some, but to toehrs it can make a world of difference!

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