Weekend Exploration of the Mind


Weekend Exploration of the Mind

Dates: October 11th-13th, 2019 

Arrival time: Friday at 6:00 PM

Departure time: Sunday at 4:00 PM


Location Address: Undisclosed until your reservation is confirmed


Be 1 of 5 to join us for our healing intensive retreat in a lush and secluded part or East Hampton, NY!

Recent research proves that the union of ketamine, therapy and yoga is a powerful combination of both modern and ancient healing practices.  This profound weekend of vision, change, pharmacotherapy and bodily expansion has been imagined for guests with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or other challenges who want to take their treatment to a deeper level.  Come work, play, and challenge yourself with a fun and therapeutic weekend led by David Salvage, MD, FAPM, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Tracy Balzano, Certified Yoga Teacher with experience in yoga therapies and meditative practices.  These two colleagues and long-time collaborators have joined forces to present a cutting-edge therapeutic experience designed to help you bring your inner vision to the world.  Join them to release limiting beliefs and traumas that are holding you back and to take the mind-body connection to the next level.  This offering will be held in a private, elegant, beautiful and rustic accommodation adjacent to hundreds of acres of national forest in East Hampton, New York.


This highly structured program combines the healing aspects of ketamine treatment (when medically appropriate) and the healing power of yoga to address issues of depression, post-traumatic stress and other aspects of your wellbeing.


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For inquiries call Dr. Salvage at 646-373-1138


Is this retreat for you?

This program is for individuals who are coping with depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders who may benefit from the combination of these different yet complementary healing modalities. We will explore how to develop deeper layers of mindfulness, a more powerful connection to the mind and body in releasing negative patterns and explore how to enhance new possibilities for growth.

The program is designed with a specific structure to meet the needs of the participants. While there are set objectives and therapeutic exercises built into the schedule, we will retain a fluid-structure to incorporate ideas and requests from the participants while having fun.

What’s included?

This weekend is all-inclusive with: Ketamine treatment (this will be determined in advance) under medical supervision, private room, access to a private swimming pool and beautiful beaches, all meals and snacks. All meals will be vegetarian or vegan. There will be no alcohol nor smoking allowed during the retreat.

Yoga, fitness, nature walk movement workshops, meditation, group therapy processing exercises and various forms of yoga including restorative and Yoga Nidra.

Program Cost: (all prices are USD)

$3,000.00 Master suite with private full bath

$2,500.00 Private room with private 1/2 bath (shower only)

$2,000.00 Semi-private with shared 1/2 bath

Register by September 21, 2019 for a $500 fee reduction

For inquiries call Dr. Salvage at 646-373-1138 

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