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Family Law


Assessing parental capacity is an especially complex task. Place your family law needs with expert Dr. David Salvage, MD. Recognized as an expert in the field, Dr. Salvage has decades of experience in the field and is available to serve as an expert witness in a courtroom environment.

With many years of experience with Child Protective Services, Dr. Salvage’s family law expertise includes:

  • Parental rights: does the parent have the right to make sound decisions for the child concerning his or her health, education or religion?
  • Custody recommendations: offering an impartial and competent assessment of what is in the best interests of the child.
  • Questions of abuse and neglect: offers expertise and understanding of circumstances that can be labeled as abuse or neglect.
  • Assessment of special needs: carefully analyzes client needs and mental state to determine a client’s mental capacity.
  • Assessment of parent’s capacity to provide an appropriate environment: Is the parent able to meet the needs of the child concerning their home, health, and safety?


By evaluating family law cases individually and with an attention to detail, Dr. David Salvage is able to provide expert advice and witness testimony when it is needed. Dr. Salvage’s goal is to ensure fair verdicts for his clients.

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