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Experience in Criminal Forensics



As an expert in criminal forensics, Dr. David Salvage has the skillset and ability to appear as an expert witness to support your criminal justice case with the best in forensic science. He is board-certified, peer respected and published forensic psychiatrist, dedicated to providing reliable and professional testimony on behalf of his clients. His intensive commitment to each case ensures he is able to produce high-quality results, making certain the best outcomes for his clients.


Dr. Salvage’s criminal forensics expertise includes:

  • Forced or false confessions: assess the reliability of the defendant’s confession and suggest ways that it might be challenged
  • Competency to waive Miranda Rights: clinically interview to determine if the defendant is competent and able to waive their Miranda rights
  • Competency to Stand Trial: determine if the defendant is able to comprehend and understand the purpose of the legal proceedings against him.
  • Receive Sentencing: determine if the defendant is able to receive the sentence handed down by the court
  • Involuntary Intoxication: offers expertise and understanding of circumstances that can cause impaired judgment against the defendant’s will
  • Sleep Disorders: evaluation methods may include sleep disorder laboratory studies to determine criminal action related to sleeping disorders
  • Insanity Defense: carefully analyzes the actions preceding a crime to determine a defendant’s mental capacity and state
  • Guilty but Mentally Ill: forensic evaluation for the mentally ill can support the defendant’s defense
  • Malingering: is there intentional exaggeration or a blatant faking of circumstances, clinical evaluations can determine this
  • Downward/Upward Departure in Sentencing: evaluations from a forensic psychiatrist can result in lowered sentences
  • Impact of Psychotropic Medications: the ability to perform thorough consultations on the impact of psychotropic medications on behavior

By evaluating individual defendants and relying on criminal forensics expertise, Dr. David Salvage is able to determine mental capacity and mental state. This ensures that criminal justice verdicts are reached with the necessary forensic science, evidence, and testimony. This ensures fair rulings made with all the available and pertinent information.

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