Depending on the kind of family that you have -- be it deeply loving and respedtful -- to having a few twists in the road of disagreements, unresolved conflicts, and tension. -- the idea of a "Friendsgiving" is catching on in the past few years.   It's a long held tenet in mental health that we feel better, more productive, and more at home when we're in the right community around important events like holidays.   WIth that credo in mind, the idea of a Friendsgiving is to see what is' like to extend your world beyond your immediatre biological family,  and including in your own event -- or one that you may organize with your friends -- what it's like to assemble the group of the people you have chosen to be in you life - and to express your deepest thanks for their friendship.   In recommending this practice to my clients more frequently over the past severql years -- i''ve noticed a significant decrease in relapse into either depression, anxiety or addiction for those who make this type of ritual a part of their lives.   It could be good food for thought!  

David Salvage, MD, FAPM

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