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The corona virus pandemic is creating serious anxiety, depression and shock throughout the world. These are some important psychiatric considerations to help cope with this. First, stayed tuned to the news and follow all official advice from the CDC about following basic principles of hygiene and quarantine. Second, allow yourself to talk openly with your family and friends about your concerns. Don’t isolate. Everyone is in the same boat here -- coping with the unknown - and it’s better if we can all do that together. If you feel unwell, definitely check in with your medical professionals. The city has requested an extensive amount of viral tests which are currently available, and it’s better to know! It’s also better not to panic -- the virus has not shown to have a high fatality rate -- but nearly detection and management always go a long way in helping to improve outcomes in any illness. In terms of your psychiatric needs, it may be tempting to try to stockpile your medications. Avoid doing this. It depletes the current supply which is necessary for the whole city and also it is not in any way expected that there will be shortages of medications. Do feel free to make your own hand sanitizers - which you can do early by combining rubbing alcohol with aloe vera gel which are widely available. You can find out more about the exact proportions to use at which has a helpful video on how to do this. In terms of your appointments with me, don’t be shy if you would like to have the sessions via telephone to avoid potential exposure in your commute. I’m always available via text or phone on my cell at 646-373-1138. Also, just an additional update that the Manhattan office has moved down to 11 Broadway - Suite 966.


David Salvage, MD, FAPM

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